Schoolhouse Strategies, LLC (SHS) was formed to provide guidance for New Jersey school communities, and related interests, that face the myriad of challenges of school funding, forecasting, and stakeholder engagement. SHS is uniquely poised to provide in-depth information on the ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’ that can help to expeditiously negotiate the rules and regulations of Trenton with foresight.

We are seasoned professionals who are leaders in education administration, advocacy and policy analysis. We bring unparalleled subject matter expertise and credibility to advocacy leadership, school funding, and stakeholder commitment. With a successful track record of more than 60 years in education and finance policy in New Jersey, we are fully equipped to address state-level issues that impact you and your constituents directly.

Schoolhouse Strategies, LLC, is part of the Princeton Public Affairs Group and its Winning Circle of Companies, including Princeton Strategic Communications and WSW – Winning Strategies Washington.